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Ethylene R1150

Ethylene R1150


Ethylene R1150 purity: ≥99.95% CAS number: 74-85-1

Ethylene product application

I. One of the most basic raw materials of petrochemical industry. In the aspect of synthetic materials, it is widely used in the production of polyethylene, vinyl chloride and polyvinyl chloride, ethylbenzene, styrene and polystyrene and ethylene propylene rubber, etc. In organic synthesis, it is widely used in the synthesis of ethanol, ethylene oxide and ethylene glycol, acetaldehyde, acetic acid, propanal, propionic acid and its derivatives and other basic organic synthesis raw materials; By halogenation, ethylene chloride, ethane chloride and ethane bromide can be prepared. The oligomerization can produce α-olefin, and then produce higher alcohols, alkyl benzene and so on.

Ii. Mainly used as standard gas for analytical instruments in petrochemical enterprises.

Ethylene is an important basic raw material of organic chemical industry, mainly used in the production of polyethylene, ethylene propylene rubber, PVC and so on.

Propylene production method

The industrial ethylene production methods are petroleum hydrocarbon cracking, ethanol catalytic dehydration, coke oven gas separation, etc. Due to the abundant oil and natural gas resources, the cost of large-scale production of ethylene is low and the quality is good. Therefore, a large amount of ethylene is mainly produced by petroleum cracking. Ethanol catalytic dewatering is limited to situations where small amounts of ethylene are provided for fine chemicals.

Ethylene application scope

Ethylene can be used as refrigerant, is also an important organic chemical basic raw material, mainly used in the production of polyethylene, ethylene propylene rubber, PVC and so on.

Ethylene packaging Specifications

Cylinders 118L, 400L, 800L, 926L

ISO tank: 24m3:58m3